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After Freeze Spring Turf Care

After Freeze Spring Turf Care Stephen Brueggerhoff, CEA – Horticulture; Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service 3/28/2021 Winter Storm Uri inflicted widespread damage to our communities this past month, and some of our neighbors may still be recovering from the event. The freezing temperatures certainly impacted our landscapes, with each plant showing varying damage symptoms such as discoloration, vegetation softening and woody stems becoming brittle and prompting our desire to prune the problems away. I have asked neighbors to have patience and monitor their plants for any signs of… Read More →

$20 – Urban Orchard Workshop: Pruning

Join Horticulture Agent Stephen Brueggerhoff and learn about pruning and maintenance techniques for fruit and citrus trees. We will review fertilization scheduling and more information to help you improve your home orchard, and tips for proper planting. To pay go to: www.certifiedpayments.net . Use Bureau Coad 4325951.  For more information and to register: http://counties.agrilife.org/brazoria/event/urban-orchard-workshop-pruning/

Keep Pearland Beautiful-Pruning Ornamental Trees

Keep Pearland Beautiful presents a FREE lecture – Pruning Ornamental Trees with Agent Stephen Brueggerhoff. This will be a Facebook Live! event, and browse to Brazoria County AgriLife Extension Facebook page to join in: www.facebook.com/brazoriacountyextension/ Pruning Ornamental Trees. Learn about pruning and maintenance techniques for  your ornamental trees to keep them healthy and beautiful. This lecture is broadcast live and starts at 7pm. KPB garden lecture series promotes best practices in home garden development and management. Instructed by Brazoria County AgriLife Horticulture Agent Stephen Brueggerhoff and Brazoria County… Read More →

Time to Prune Woody Ornamentals

Time to Prune Woody Ornamentals Stephen Brueggerhoff, CEA – Horticulture; Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service 2/02/2021 While winter is viewed as a season of contemplation, there are still pruning maintenance tasks for woody ornamental plants we can accomplish at this time of year. Pruning is a landscaping activity that benefits and promotes healthy growth. The reasons we prune plants are to train, maintain, improve flower and vegetative quality, and restrict growth. One goal is to create and maintain the basic plant architecture using sustainable methods. Pruning during late… Read More →

Urban Orchard Series: Pruning

Fruit tree pruning is a hands-on workshop training you on pruning basics: function and form, open center versus central leader, tree shaping and more. We will include information on maintenance and fertilizer scheduling. This workshop will be hosted at the Brazoria Environmental Education Station (BEES) orchard and classroom. Workshop fee is $20 and registration will open for each class starting mid-December 2018. The Urban Orchard Series is supported by Brazoria County AgriLife Extension and Horticulture Agent Stephen Brueggerhoff, focusing on supporting and improving the home orchard. For more… Read More →

Stop the Chop on Crepe Myrtle

I recently delivered a presentation on pruning trees, and questions that often come at this time of year is the obsessive attention that we give to pruning an iconic belle of the south: our beloved Crepe myrtle (Lagerstroemia sp.) There is a pruning practice that is ingrained in our culture called topping, often referred to as “crepe murder”, unnecessarily applied to these beauties and disrupting the elegance of their natural growth habit. I urge our readers to reconsider pruning traditions that can lead to malpruning, and guide you… Read More →