Cradle of Texas Brazoria County

Cradle of Texas Brazoria County

The Texas Master Naturalists Cradle of Texas Chapter is made up of people from diverse backgrounds with different experience, different expertise and different needs.   Yet we are pulled together with the desire to positively affect our natural environment and our natural ecology.

These individuals have chosen the Texas Master Naturalist Organization as the means to satisfy this desire.   We adhere to our organization’s mission: “to develop a corps of well-educated master volunteers to provide education, outreach and service dedicated toward the beneficial management of natural resources within our community.”

There is a niche for every level of education, interest and desire.   If your goal is to improve public understanding of the natural environment surrounding us, we offer opportunities to interact with large and small groups.   You may present, instruct, tour and teach at all levels of our community with emphasis placed on our younger citizens.

If your goal is to enhance our natural resources, we offer opportunities to build, dig, plant, count, band, identify and observe in many different circumstances and locations.

We partner with several organizations as part of our efforts to achieve these goals.

This is only a partial list of the volunteer opportunities we can provide and we are constantly looking for new opportunities to add to the list.

Do we benefit? Yes, we benefit immensely.   We gain the self satisfaction of knowing we make a difference for Texas natural resources both now and in the future. We gain by learning from experts in many fields thus gaining appreciation for and understanding of our own natural environment.

We take this knowledge and provide important and valuable resource information to our community.   While we are doing all this we’re making new friends and having a lot of fun.

This is what we are and this is what we do.

— Cradle of Texas Chapter, Texas Master Naturalist Program, 2004

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