Citrus Canker

What is it? Citrus Canker Disease is caused by a bacterial pathogen. It is a serious disease of all citrus cultivars and some citrus relatives. For more information, visit the link:

Where is it? Current quarantine area is located in Harris County and Fort Bend County. For more information and to view an interactive map, visit the link:

What should I do? If you live close to the affected areas and have citrus or related planted in your landscape, there are several maintenance and prevention strategies we recommend:

    • Sanitation practices – Rake up fallen leaves, branches, twigs and fruit. Double bag these materials and send to landfill, do not compost. Keep the tree understory mulched well.
    • Avoiding wounds – Avoid unnecessary pruning or other physical damage by landscape equipment. Use strategies to minimize bird, rodent or insect damage to trees and fruit.
    • Tree health – Support tree health through best horticultural practices. For an overview of recommended citrus care visit:
    • Chemical prevention – Use approved insecticides to minimize common insect damage. Preventive bactericides common for citrus are copper products. Look for neutralized copper sulfate or copper hydroxide products. Each must be labeled for use on citrus.

Who should I contact?
If you suspect your trees to be infected or if you have initial questions about this disease, contact a Brazoria County agent. Please DO NOT transport plant samples to our office, local nurseries, garden centers, etc. We ask that you take representative photos and email those to us for review. If we deem it necessary, we will recommend further steps for you to take.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension – Brazoria County Office: (979) 864-1558

For more information and citrus programs, visit USDA Save Our Citrus online:

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