Nomination Form

Brazoria County Big Tree Registry

  • (species common name & Latin name if known)
  • EX. "City of Kyle" or "John Smith"
  • Ex. "Oak Tree Park" or "Big Tree Ranch"
  • (Tree owner/contact information)
  • If "yes" skip the nominator section
  • Tree nominator information
  • Tree most closely resembles the following illustration (check one)
  • inches
  • Round to next lowest inch or foot (Ex. 76.5 in. recorded as 76 in.; 82.7 ft. recorded at 82 feet.)
  • Please select option used to measure
  • feet
  • in feet
  • in feet
  • Add Crown spread widest + Crown spread 90 degrees / 2
  • Include name of TFS forester or official Big Tree Measurer, if applicable
  • Texas County where the tree is located
  • Use street address for the trees located on residential lots
  • Provide written directions to the tree, (including distance between points) based on the map drawings below.
  • Provide GPS coordinates or description of tree location from nearest highway, Farm-to-Market road, or town.
  • Include any other pertinent information about this tree

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