Master Wellness Volunteer Program


The Master Wellness Volunteer Program is a community service & volunteer based program that gives participants the opportunity to be trained in 40 hours of nutrition, health, and wellness topics. In return, our Master Wellness interns work towards completing 40 hours of community service where their training will be put in use. Once those hours are completed, participants get certified as Master Wellness Volunteers for AgriLife Extension.


First off, you’ll be immersed in our signature AgriLife Extension programs like Walk Across Texas, Dinner Tonight, Learn Grow Eat & Go, and Better Living for Texans. You’ll learn about food safety, food preparation, food labels! You’ll get trained for our Health Talk Express program which focuses on different common health issues like cholesterol, blood pressure, and strokes.  Last, but not least, you’ll go through training sessions to improve your presentation, public speaking, and communication skills.





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