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Extending the Tomato Harvest

It’s tomato harvest time, and avid gardeners are taking pride collecting and eating their delicious homegrown tomatoes. My personal observation is that gardening pride is directly related to production success, often measured in either weight or volume. While varieties such as Big Beef, Cherokee Purple, Delicious and Mortgage Lifter are beefsteak style tomatoes that may take longer to grow, the payoff are harvests that can equal up to 50 pounds per plant. I encourage readers to take pride in healthy eating habits by an enhancing personal nutrition by… Read More →

Tasting Home Grown Tomatoes

Our very own Brazoria County Master Gardeners Association and Brazoria County AgriLife Extension just finished hosting a Tomato Celebration, an event supporting Open Garden Days at the Brazoria County Environmental Education Station (BEES garden center) in Angleton this past Saturday, June 9, 2018. The event was a way to show off the gardens while celebrating a popular fruit with our community. Yours truly gave a presentation on tomato culture in Brazoria County, we toured interested friends and family through the many themed garden areas (rose garden, square-foot garden,… Read More →

Tomato Event: Open Garden Days

Enjoy all things tomato at the FREE Open Garden Days on June 9 at the BEES Garden Center, 585 CR 443 (Hospital Dr) in Angleton. We will have a tasting and rating of several ‘home grown’ tomatoes in Brazoria County. Presentation on tomato culture at 10 am by County Horticulturist Stephen Brueggerhoff. Enjoy a stroll through the gardens, learn a bit about tomatoes and we’ll see you in June! For more information, browse online: https://brazoria.agrilife.org/ or call our office: 979-864-1558.

The Stink on Leaf-footed Bugs

Our vegetable harvests should be in full swing at this point of summer, and I am sure you have noticed a gathering of insects we commonly call stinkbug on your tomatoes as well as bell peppers. You may have seen one to five of them on your veggies about early May and now, by all appearances, the populations are high and appear to be damaging your vegetables. I offer information that will help us understand the form, habit, function and potential control of these unwanted visitors. Leaf-footed Bug… Read More →