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Soil Testing Campaign 2021

Soil Testing Campaign 2021 Livestock and forage producers can take advantage of reduced cost soil samples by participating in the 2021 Brazoria/Galveston/Fort Bend Soil Testing Campaign. NO samples from lawns or gardens. January 27 – February 24, 2021 All samples, forms, and payment due by February 24 to a participating location Reduced Cost Routine Analysis: $8/sample Routine + micronutrients: $15/sample Instructions Download Campaign Submittal Form or pick up from a participating AgriLife Extension Office Follow directions to fill out form Follow directions (on back) to properly collect sample… Read More →

Winterizing Your Lawn

Late Summer and early Fall are great seasons to schedule fertilization, preparing your lawn for spring when the grass emerges out of winter dormancy. St. Augustinegrass (Stenotaphrum secundatum) is the predominant warm season grass of choice for home yards and appropriate for our region. The species is preferred for lawns because it forms a dense cover, spreading vegetatively with above-ground stems (stolons) and rooting readily at nodes along these prostrate stolons. It can manage light traffic, competes well with most weeds and is one of the few turf… Read More →