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Urban Orchard Series: Pruning

Fruit tree pruning is a hands-on workshop training you on pruning basics: function and form, open center versus central leader, tree shaping and more. We will include information on maintenance and fertilizer scheduling. This workshop will be hosted at the Brazoria Environmental Education Station (BEES) orchard and classroom. Workshop fee is $20 and registration will open for each class starting mid-December 2018. The Urban Orchard Series is supported by Brazoria County AgriLife Extension and Horticulture Agent Stephen Brueggerhoff, focusing on supporting and improving the home orchard. For more… Read More →

Fruit Tree Planting: Dig In!

This is the time of year to be planting your orchard with fruit and citrus trees. Let’s dig in with a brief review of site selection and planting basics for a healthy and productive orchard. As mentioned in previous articles, the success of any planting starts from the ground up. The challenge in Brazoria County is the predictable unpredictability of our native soil profile. The success of your orchard relies on deep, well-drained soil with adequate amounts of organic matter. Invest in the health of your orchard by… Read More →