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Landscape Freeze Damage FAQ

3/10/2021; Adapted from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service – Galveston County Freeze Damage FAQ Winter Storm Uri inflicted widespread freezing damage to our landscapes. The following are common questions from homeowners. We hope you find this information useful as our landscapes repair over the coming weeks: How do I know if my plant has been damaged and when can I prune off the dead tissue? Different plants will show different damage symptoms. Discoloration, vegetation softening and or becoming dry and brittle are all signs of damage. Herbaceous plants… Read More →

Using the USDA Hardiness Zone Map

I have written an article same time last year describing the effects that freezing temperature has on vegetation, and recent freeze events prompts me to bring up a common tool we use to choose our landscape plants that is related to annual low temperature: United States Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zone Map. I often have clients refer to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map when thinking of purchasing garden plants. The department developed the map to define the mean minimum temperatures for areas within the continental and… Read More →