Step Up Scale Down

Step Up Scale Down


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Are you committing to healthier habits? 

Let Step Up Scale Down teach you how to eat healthy and incorporate physical activity into your daily life to help you lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

In just 12 weeks, find the path to better health through this course based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines and scientific research. Form habits to help you maintain a healthier weight, stay active, and reduce your risk for chronic diseases!

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About The Lessons

Step Up Scale Down is a 12-week lesson series that promotes healthy weight loss and lifestyle habits. Whether you take our interactive online course or a face-to-face course from your local county agent, here’s what you’ll learn:

Lesson 1: Scale Down by Setting Goals

Learn how to estimate your personal calorie needs to reach a healthy weight. Understand how to set realistic and healthy goals. Learn amounts to consume from each food group to meet recommended nutrient intake.

Lesson 2: Step Up to a Healthy Plate

Understand why fad diets are not healthy. Learn healthy techniques for managing food intake, such as using MyPlate, managing portion sizes, and recording food consumption.

Lesson 3: Scale Down by Reading Labels

Understand how to read nutrition labels and identify food claims. Learn how nutrition labels can be used to manage weight.

Lesson 4: Step Up to Breakfast and Menu Planning

Get help planning a week’s worth of meals. Discuss the benefits of eating breakfast. Practice reading nutrition labels and using them to make healthy choices.

Lesson 5: Scale Down with Moves to Lose

Understand the impact that exercise has on overall health and well-being. Identify barriers to increasing your physical activity levels. Discuss techniques that will improve daily exercise habits.

Lesson 6: Step Up your Hydration

Understand what adequate hydration means and identify your best sources. Learn signs and symptoms of dehydration and why hot summer temperatures are a problem for all ages.

Lesson 7: Scale Down by Finding your Motivational Mojo

Learn how to overcome the feelings that derail you and find your real motivation. Learn common weight loss mistakes that trip people up, and discover what may be stalling your weight loss efforts.

Lesson 8: Step Up to Healthy Snacking

Identify smart snacking strategies and healthy snacks that satisfy. Understand why fiber is important in a diet and identify fiber-rich foods.

Lesson 9: Scale Down with a Colorful Plate

Learn why a diet rich in fruits and vegetables supports a healthy lifestyle. Identify appropriate amounts of fruits and veggies to consume for a healthy diet. Understand what to look for when choosing fruits and vegetables and how to incorporate them into your menus.

Lesson 10: Step Up to Successful Socializing

Identify tips to stay on track with healthy eating while socializing. Learn healthy preparation methods for cooking foods and simple ways to reduce fat and sugar from recipes.

Lesson 11: Scale Down by Knowing Your Numbers

Understand normal/healthy ranges for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity.

Lesson 12: Step Up and Celebrate

Establish personal rewards for success and review common characteristics of successful weight loss maintenance. Identify strategies to reach or maintain a healthy weight.


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