Passenger Safety Program

This presentation uses a rollover convincer and crash dummies to illustrate how a seat belt protects passengers.  It is usually presented outside unless your campus has a gym that can accommodate the rollover convincer.  There is an indoor version that can be presented in case of bad weather.  This program works well when presented during the physical education/specials time in elementary schools.  Target audiences:  all elementary grades.


Excuses for not wearing safety belts, dangers of unrestrained occupants, hazards of pick up trucks and rollovers, proper safety belt fit and booster seats are among the items presented during a the passenger safety demonstration.  All these points are reinforced with a demonstration with the Rollover Convincer.


The Rollover Convincer is basically the cab from a pickup truck attached to a frame with a motor and mounted on top of a trailer.  The windshield and doors have been removed so that the interior can be viewed.  When the electric power is turned on, the cab rotates to simulate a rollover crash.  When demonstrating the Rollover Convincer, an adult dummy is used in the driver position, and either another adult dummy or a child size dummy in a safety seat is used in the passenger position. First, the demonstration shows what happens when the dummies are correctly using their safety belts.  The dummies remain in the cab as the Convincer is rotated one or more times.  Then, the dummies are unbuckled and the demonstration is repeated.  After one or more rotations, the dummies are tossed around in the cab, and often either partially or fully ejected, thereby showing the importance of wearing safety belts.


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