Walk Across Texas


Walk Across Texas! is a program to help people start moving more and establish physical activity as a lifetime habit. Participating in Walk Across Texas! with people you know is a great way to help you keep going when you feel like quitting. The distance across Texas is 830 miles. Teams work together and individually to accumulate enough miles to equal the trek across Texas. This means each team member will aim to walk 12-14 miles per week or 30 minutes a day at least 5 times a week. You don’t have to just walk, you can bike, run, garden or do many other activities to make that time count as miles. After Walk Across Texas! ends, you can continue walking by yourself to see how long it takes you to walk across the entire state of Texas. Each person will pay $10 and that will get them a t-shirt and their name entered to get prizes each week!

Here is how it works:

  • Open to everyone!
  • Form a team of 8 members
  • Give your team a name
  • Designate a Team Captain
  • Register

**If you are interested in participating in the Walk Across Texas program, please contact Cameron Arias at 979-864-1558 or by email at cameron.arias@ag.tamu.edu. 



Team Captain Instructions.Power Point Team Captains use this PowerPoint to walk you through how to register your team on the Walk Across Texas! website.

Check List Use this check list to keep track of the forms and due dates.

WAT! Team Registration Turn this form into Cameron Arias mail to 21017 CR 171 Angleton, TX 77515 or scan and email to cameron.arias@ag.tamu.edu

WAT! Team Captain’s Log Each Team Captain can use this to keep track of your teams miles.

WAT! Individual Registration Form Everyone fills out one of these and turns it into the Team Captain by January 13th for the Team Captain to fill out online.

WAT! Individual Mileage Log Team Captains, print one of these for each of your teammates

Exercise Equivalents Use this to translate other physical activities into walking equivalents.

WAT! Individual Wrap-up Form Everyone fills one of these out at the end and the Team Captain uses the information on the Walk Across Texas! website for the final survey.

Team Captains:  Enter your team here.


WAT! T-Shirt Order Form







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