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Extending Your Tomato Harvest

Extending Your Tomato Harvest Stephen Brueggerhoff, CEA – Horticulture; Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service  4/26/2021 Tomatoes are currently well on their way to producing delicious fruit, with harvest anticipated anytime between mid-May to early June. I have witnessed fellow gardeners planting them in the ground the first week of March to ensure early harvest, and often limiting to one or two varietal choices. We have an opportunity to extend production by cultivating more than one tomato variety and staggering plantings. Estimating harvest is based on the individual varietal date… Read More →

Patience is Key to Gardening After a Freeze

Patience is Key to Gardening After the Freeze Stephen Brueggerhoff, CEA – Horticulture; Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service 3/1/2021 The recent winter storms that held Texas in its grip has had a severe effect on our landscape plantings, orchard, and vegetable gardens. After witnessing how quickly our landscapes were affected, our instinct is to take immediate action by pruning, fertilizing, and watering, practices that are based on annual cultural and seasonal activities. My colleagues and I are advocating to take a step back, to wait until your plants… Read More →

Time to Prune Woody Ornamentals

Time to Prune Woody Ornamentals Stephen Brueggerhoff, CEA – Horticulture; Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service 2/02/2021 While winter is viewed as a season of contemplation, there are still pruning maintenance tasks for woody ornamental plants we can accomplish at this time of year. Pruning is a landscaping activity that benefits and promotes healthy growth. The reasons we prune plants are to train, maintain, improve flower and vegetative quality, and restrict growth. One goal is to create and maintain the basic plant architecture using sustainable methods. Pruning during late… Read More →

Care for Gardening Tools

Care for Gardening Tools Stephen Brueggerhoff, CEA – Horticulture; Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service 1/05/2021 Consistent gardening tool maintenance, like beauty, certainly is in the eye of the beholder. You may fall under the spell of gardening processes while practicing sustainable pruning or digging techniques, and do not forget that the practice is only as sound as the care you take in maintaining your garden tools. Always make a habit of cleaning your tools after each use. There is a challenge keeping tools moisture free living in a… Read More →

Caterpillars in the Trees

Early Spring, our residents will see activity and potential defoliation caused by either Forest Tent Caterpillar or Live Oak Tussock Moth. The Forest Tent Caterpillar (Malacosoma disstria) or the Live Oak Tussock Moth (Orgyia detrita) are moth species with a life cycle coinciding with Coastal Live Oak (Quercus virginiana) leaf emergence in the spring. Live Oak Tussock Moth favors Coastal Live Oak trees as a host plant, and Forest Tent Caterpillar can be found in different tree species or in high populations on surfaces (buildings, cars, etc). The Forest… Read More →

Tasting Home Grown Tomatoes

Our very own Brazoria County Master Gardeners Association and Brazoria County AgriLife Extension just finished hosting a Tomato Celebration, an event supporting Open Garden Days at the Brazoria County Environmental Education Station (BEES garden center) in Angleton this past Saturday, June 9, 2018. The event was a way to show off the gardens while celebrating a popular fruit with our community. Yours truly gave a presentation on tomato culture in Brazoria County, we toured interested friends and family through the many themed garden areas (rose garden, square-foot garden,… Read More →