Details-Brazoria Co. Big Tree Registry

Beginning in 1999, the Brazoria County Master Gardeners began a project to discover the biggest specimens in the county, which was published as a list of 31 champion and 7 historical trees in early 2000.

The Cradle of Texas (Brazoria County) chapter of Texas Master Naturalists have now joined with them to re-publish and expand the list, especially  to add wild or native specimens. Volunteers from these organizations will respond and verify any nominations. We also hope to use the web tool iNaturalist to post information and photos of any of the champion trees. To insure privacy, location details on private property will not be revealed, except with explicit permission of the property owner. The desired objective is to simply celebrate the biggest and oldest examples in the area, so as to foster wider use of native and naturalized plants that do well. A separate category will be maintained for any trees of historical interest, such as the National Oak in Alvin, Masonic Oak in Brazoria, or the Stephen F. Austin Oaks near West Columbia.

                                                                                                               If any tree in the county is found that can compete as a Texas State Champion, then assistance will be provided to forward the nomination to the Texas Forest Service.

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