2022 Master Naturalist Intern Training Registration

2022 Master Naturalist Intern Training

2022 Master Naturalist Intern Training
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    Please check box, if you agree to the release your photo(s) for the Cradle of Texas Chapter of the Master Naturalist Program to use for promotional use. Cradle of Texas Chapter of the Master Naturalist Program has permission to use my photograph publicly to promote the Cradle of Texas of the Master Naturalist Program. I understand that the image(s) may be used in print publications, online publications, presentations, websites, and social media. I also understand that no royalty, fee or other compensations shall become payable to me by reason of such use.
    I understand that as a participant in the Texas Master Naturalist™ volunteer program ("program") I hereby release, discharge,and agree to hold harmless the program and its sponsoring state agencies, their agents, employees, officers and successors, from and against the program and sponsoring state agencies, their successors, employees, or officers for all personal injuries (including death), known and unknown or damage to property caused by or arising out of activities performed under the Texas Master Naturalist Program.
  • State Criteria

    To become a “Texas Master Naturalist” in the State of Texas and a member of the Cradle of Texas Chapter, trainees must complete an approved 40 hours combined of classroom and field training. To become a “CERTIFIED Texas Master Naturalist” a new Member must complete an additional eight hours of Advanced Training and forty hours of Volunteer Service within the required TWELVE months starting with the first date of training.
  • Chapter Criteria:

    During the Master Naturalist Training Program, you are eligible to become certified by completing forty hours of approved volunteer activities (VT) and eight hours of advanced training (AT) simultaneously with or within 12 months of the start of your training.
  • The Cradle of Texas Master Naturalist chapter conducts regularly scheduled meetings each month and in addition, offers 1-2 hours of Advanced Training (AT) as part of the meeting. A meeting notice is sent out to the chapter prior to each meeting. In January of each year, a Saturday is set aside for a day of Advanced Training.
  • The Class is limited to 25 persons and will be filled on a first come/first serve basis. REGISTRATION FEE: Payment of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) must be included with your completed application. Refunds must be approved by the TMN-COT board. By signing this document I am willing to pay Annual Dues and commit to all class requirements to become a Texas Master Naturalist.
    I hereby grant to the Cradle of Texas Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalist Program and Texas A&M Extension-Brazoria County the right to publish my contact information in print and/or electronically for the intended purpose of sharing with Cradle of Texas Of the Texas Master Naturalist Program memberships and current class Interns. The Intern Class Roster and Membership Roster are not for political or commercial use, but for the exclusive and sole use of the organization and its members. I understand that through good-faith efforts, my information will be used as intended.
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